Our Speciality - American Oak Kitchen with Intricate Detail and Handmade Lathed Dental Work

Handmade Oak Kitchen in a Country Style

Handmade Oak Kitchen in a Country Style

Adding intricate handcrafted detail to your kitchen creates uniqueness to your design unmatched by other methods.

This quality handmade American oak kitchen is one of our specialities with the detail painstakingly handcrafted over quiet a number of weeks to achieve such a results. The spindles are handmade on our lathe and the dental work around the cornice is planned and cut to perfection which adds the perfect final touch to such a unique kitchen.

The Baltic brown granite worktops are bold and contain marvellous specs of various colours each one sparkles depending on where you stand and what light is in the kitchen. The angled corner units are unbelievably spacious and cater for a family of any size.

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